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Executive producers: 

Gabby Baptista
Iván Rodríguez Zerrate

Production & Content Director: 

Gabby Baptista
Iván Rodríguez Zerrate



Author and Writer by Gabby Baptista
Director of Photography Juan Pablo Copello & Nicolás Oviedo
Screenwriters Camila Diez & Gabby Baptista / Production Designer Belén Niro
Music & Sound Director Diego Muñiz / Camera Operator & Drone Pilot Aaron Morgado
Assistant Production Manager Yosi Esteban Prado / Editor & Colorist Juan Pablo Copello
Assistant Editor Aaron Morgado / Art Director Candelaria Solomita
Audio Post-Production Diego Muñiz / Subtitler Mario Zambrano / Makeup & Hair Artist Karen Barbosa


Discover the inspiring stories of Colombian teachers who defy conventions and ignite a passion for science in their students. Follow Oscar Neira from a public school in Tunja to the Houston Space Center. This incredible and inspiring documentary reinforces the power of a love for education and highlights how a strong support network is vital in transforming lives.

Join Vibra Latina in its mission to open opportunities in the aerospace sector and sciences in Latin America and don't miss this incredible experience!


Luis Velasquez

An extraordinary documentary work, it features a spectacular level of detail. The importance of aerospace education, kudos to Vibra Latina and the entire production team.

In a word, marvelous. It moves you deeply. It is wonderful to see how so many people work together with the common goal of improving the quality of life in the world, especially for children.

Hugo Franco

I loved it. I believe it's a documentary that leaves a lasting impact on the lives of those who watch it. Because of its essence, it imparts many lessons to those who have the opportunity to see it.


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